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Every Face Tells a Story

Watch these real stories of drunk driving offenders and survivors.

Kenyattas DWI Story

Kenyatta entered a drinking contest on St. Patrick’s Day, blacked out while driving home and hit a construction worker. He woke up in jail with no memory of the accident. His DWI and restitution cost about $65k.

Eric's DWI Story

Eric was invited to a party and drank a few glasses of wine. He was pulled over on the way home and arrested for drunk driving. As a college student and a father, the consequences have been overwhelming.

Erika's DWI Story

After hitting the bar with friends, Erika just wanted to get home. She started driving, blacked out, and crashed her car. The consequences of that DWI will follow her for the rest of her life.

Katie's DWI Story

Katie attempted to drive after taking shots at a bar with friends. On the way home, she ran through a red light and t-boned another car.

Analicia's Story

A trip from Sunday church turned tragic when a drunk driver hit Analicia's family, killing her mother and putting Analicia in the hospital for a week. She was only four years old.

Monse's Story

Monse’s father and brother were killed in a crash caused by a drunk driver. That reckless choice destroyed her family.

Jovan's DWI Story

Game night at a friend’s house turned into a nightmare for Jovan. Attempting to drive home after drinking, he blacked out and crashed into someone’s yard.

Andres' DWI Story

What started as tailgating with friends at a football game ended with Andres going to jail for drunk driving. His DWI cost him shame, guilt, and over $10,000 in fines and fees.

Mike's DWI Story

After a night of drinking with friends, Mike was going on a quick, late-night food run. On the drive, he crashed his car and landed in jail. The DWI ended up costing him over $17,000 in fines and fees.

Jon's DWI Story

Jon’s night out drinking with friends turned into a nightmare that cost him $15,000 in fines and fees, a night in jail, hours of community service, and the loss of his job.

Jessica's Story

Jessica lost her mom when she was a teenager. A casual drive in their hometown ended up in the worst-case scenario: a drunk driver hit them head-on, killing her mom instantly and putting Jessica in the hospital for a month.

Jade's Story

Jade was the queen of the house, the baby of the family, and the spark in everyone’s life. A few days shy of her 10th birthday, while she and her family were driving back from her birthday party, a drunk driver T-boned their car, killing her in the crash.

Sean's Story

At 22, Sean Carter was a college junior out drinking with friends. He knew he was in no condition to drive home—but neither was the buddy who gave him a ride. The driver walked away from the crash that left Sean in a wheelchair and unable to speak. Now a computer is his voice.

Aaron's Story

No one saw it coming. One day they were joking with a guy they’d known since they were kids. The next day he was gone. Now Aaron’s buddies speak out against drinking and driving whenever they have a chance.

Chilli's Story

Xitclalli (Chilli) Vásquez was on her way home from the mall after getting a haircut and a manicure. She wanted to look pretty for her 7th birthday just three days away. A drunk driver speeding the wrong way slammed head-on into her car. Chilli’s injuries were massive, but she is a miracle child. After 105 days in the hospital, Chilli went home to her—and her family’s—new life.

Walter's DWI Story

Walter's night ended with red and blue flashing lights when he turned the wrong way down a one-way street while driving drunk. His choice led to jail, a DWI, thousands of dollars in fines and fees, and difficulty getting a decent job.