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Tips to Find a Sober Ride

Driving after any amount of alcohol puts you and others at risk—no matter how far the drive. Always find a sober ride.

Plan Ahead

If there's even a chance you may have one drink, plan on not driving. Catch a ride with a sober friend, a family member, or a rideshare.

Take Turns

Play fair! Everyone should take a turn as the designated driver. Just remember, the DD is the one who hasn't consumed any amount of alcohol.

Use a Rideshare Service

It's nice to be driven! Leave your car at home and call a rideshare. And don't forget to charge your phone battery before you go out.

Call a Friend for Help

Friends and family members are a great option for a sober ride. Just give them a heads up before you go out so they know to look for your call.

Talk to Your Bartender

Bar staff are happy to help their customers get home safely. Some bars even have cards to place on the windshields to prevent towing.

Stay Put Until You're Sober

Food and caffeine don't sober you up—only time can. If you're at a house that’s safe to sleep at, there's no shame in asking if you can crash there for the night.