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Consequences Spinner

Date Night

You’re pumped about your date tonight. You’ve planned every detail and can’t wait to go, but you’ve forgotten one thing. There will be drinking. So, who’s driving?

Spin Now

Nice touch!

You really DID think of everything. You took a rideshare to pick up your dream date and avoided a DWI nightmare—complete with jail time, the loss of your driver’s license and a big stack of fines and fees.

Good call.

At the last minute, you called for a ride and avoided a DWI (which you can get for having any amount of alcohol in your body while driving). That good decision saved you more than legal issues and fines—it may have saved lives.

The bad news:

That impulsive decision you made to drive drunk didn’t turn out so well. Your .08 BAC cost you a night in jail, the loss of your driver’s license and almost $17,000 in fines and fees! The good news: You didn’t hurt anybody. This time.

You tried to drive.

You weren’t that far from home. There was a stop sign that you missed. But that officer didn’t miss you. You felt confident that you weren’t legally intoxicated, and you were right! But ANY amount of alcohol in your system can land you a DWI if it impairs your ability to drive. But hey, consider yourself lucky. No one was hurt.

Oh no!

You didn’t want to wait for a sober ride home and you crashed your car. Thankfully you didn’t injure anyone else, but now you’re spending the night in jail and about to be responsible for a litany of fines, fees and legal hassles. Oh, and you’ll need a new car. But no rush on that—you won’t have a driver’s license for quite a while.

Not good.

You attempted to drive home after your date, got pulled over and landed in jail for the night. Not your most romantic evening. Next day, you couldn’t make bail and got fired for not showing up to work. Now you’re stuck with up to $17,000 in fines and legal fees and no way to pay them—or to pay for another date :(

Bye-bye license!

You didn’t want to leave your car at the bar, so you tried to drive home drunk. You got pulled over and ended up losing a night’s sleep in jail, thousands of dollars in fines and fees and your driver’s license. Guess it’s time to dust off that bicycle.