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Consequences Spinner

Happy Hour

Your “happy hour” turned into a happy night as you just kept drinking. You drove to the bar because you didn’t expect to get drunk, but now it’s late and the bar is closing. How are you gonna get home?

Spin Now

Oh no!

You didn’t want to wait for a sober ride home and you crashed your car. Thankfully you didn’t injure anyone else, but now you’re spending the night in jail and about to be responsible for a litany of fines, fees and legal hassles. Oh, and you’ll need a new car. But no rush on that—you won’t have a driver’s license for quite a while.

Not good.

You attempted to drive home after your date, got pulled over and landed in jail for the night. Not your most romantic evening. Next day, you couldn’t make bail and got fired for not showing up to work. Now you’re stuck with up to $17,000 in fines and legal fees and no way to pay them—or to pay for another date :(

DWI = $$$

Your tab was high, but those DWI costs are even higher. You could’ve called a rideshare, but you tried to drive home instead. Now you’re stuck paying up to $17K in fines and fees and you’re in jail for the night. Let the penny-pinching begin.

DD Hero!

Your friend took one for the team and chose not to drink any alcohol tonight so they could be the designated driver. A DD Hero! You get a safe ride home and everyone gets to avoid DWIs or worse—a fatal crash. You can repay the favor by choosing a night not to drink so you can be their hero.

Good thinking!

You and your friends decide to take a rideshare, so no one is left out of the fun. Everyone gets home safely, without injury or a DWI, although you may have annoyed your driver with your loud (and not totally in tune) singing on the way home.

Worst-Case Scenario.

You hoped you were sober enough to drive home, but you were dead wrong. You crashed your car, hurting yourself and killing your friend in the passenger seat. You’ll have to live with that the rest of your life. Driving drunk isn’t worth it.


You decided to ask the bartender for their number . . . uh, I mean a number for a rideshare service, and you got home safe. No DWI, no jail, no fines and (most important) nobody was hurt. That means you’ll live to flirt with the bartender again. Cheers!

Terrible idea.

You thought you could handle driving. You didn’t want to call a rideshare or accept a ride from a friend since it was so late. You got pulled over and spent the rest of the night in jail. That DWI ended up costing you almost $17K in fines and fees and serious legal hassles. Next time, just get a ride.